Energy-efficient peak performance around the clock.

Enduring and powerful: the ideal welding system for shift operation.

Performance, duty cycle and a robust arc are of the highest priority in MIG-MAG welding in shift operation . For very thick components and seams that have multiple layers, energy efficiency, reliability and productivity are major cost drivers.

For the P series, up to 550 amps of power are no problem – up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The P series is rounded off by the intuitive operation, which gives you easy access to all setting options.

To ensure that the system fits perfectly into your production environment and welding task, configure the P series exactly according to your needs. 

Variable welding machines for maximum performance in continuous operation.

The advantages of the P series at a glance.

The P series ensures perfect interaction of all parameters and components involved in the welding process. The feed, the impressively stable arc and the system itself won’t let you down – no matter how long the seam is. Thanks to digital-intelligent process technology in combination with the Lorch Speed ​​processes for MIG-MAG welding, you can produce faster, with higher quality and with less spatter.

EN1090 compliant package.

Save yourself time-consuming and costly individual tests of your welding results! The included Lorch WPS booklet includes independently certified welding instructions for all relevant standard welding processes so that you can easily weld in accordance with EN1090 .

Energy efficiency at full power.

The P series from Lorch combines top performance with efficient inverter technology and standby functionality. This way you can reduce your costs and achieve a perfect welding result at the same time.

Increased performance thanks to MIG-MAG speed processes.

The P series features Lorch Speed ​​processes that create a wide range of applications. With the included processes and optional upgrades, you weld faster and with higher quality.

Find out more about the Lorch Speed ​​processes

Individually optimized operating modes.

The Quatromatic technology avoids cold spots at the start of welding and ensures optimal final crater filling. You can save up to three individual parameter settings and easily access them in 4-stroke operation using the torch button.

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