The Lorch Cobot Welding World allows a simple entrance into welding automation for medium-sized companies. Our myCobot system kit offers customised complete solutions that will integrate easily into your work processes. Smart software, perfect processes, and an international partner network make the difference for your production.

All of the Cobot components fit flexibly together to work as one complete system.

The kit: myCobot
With its plug-and-weld claim, the new myCobot automation solution systematically creates just the customisation options that have been tried and tested by many customers and that ensure true benefits. A system kit that leaves the choice to you where it truly matters, while offering only economically useful options.
Quick amortisation, simple handling for your welder, and precisely tailored to your individual application!
myCobot promises the best automation solution for you – without any risk at all.

Lorch Cobotronic – The software for greatest comfort and efficiency.
The function scope keeps being expanded by updates and further developments – in 12 different languages to boot! The Lorch Cobot Welding World essentially differs from other Cobot solutions by its outstanding software. It is perfectly adapted to the welding technology, and therefore your needs, by our experienced welding experts – maximal user compatibility and intuitive handling makes production more efficient. Continuous updates and further developments open up use of new function expansions for you – in as many as 12 different languages!

The practical modes of the Lorch Cobotronic software:
1. Job mode
In job mode, the Cobot comfortably and simply takes over parameter control of the power source.

2. Individual mode
For true pros: the individual mode permits full access to the parameters and synergic lines of the power source right on the Cobot control.

3. Assistant mode
Selection of welding parameters: Even experienced welding pros may find selection of the right material, wire, and gas combination and the proper welding speed tedious and complex at times. The Cobotronic assistant systems make this simpler and more efficient.

4. Expanded assistant
Cobot jobs now allow custom adjustments to parameter settings, naming and tagging them – and saving them as favourites.

Intuitive Operation
The simple and intuitive operation of the Cobotronic software enables users to set and optimise welding parameters very quickly. The choice of three practical modes is a great help here. With its assistant mode, the software supplies parameter suggestions for optimal welding results, depending on the chosen application.

The right solution for any challenge.

Looking at the five most frequent causes of injuries at production sites, 8% are due to monotonous movement processes and 24 due to excessive strain. The current Cobot series from the market leader Universal Robots not only relieves your team of these tasks but in combination with our Lorch Cobotronic software also opens up new dimensions when processing your welding demands.

Cobot welding is even more intuitive, precise and optimised now!!

Highest quality for practical use. Quick to use and intuitive to operate, for consistently high-quality welding results. Always with the goal of creating a better and more efficient solution for you.

The multitalent Cobot UR10e.

  • 1,300 mm work radius
  • 12,5 kg carrying load
  • very small footprint
  • short time to amortisation
  • plenty of plug & play accessories

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