These heavy duty MIG welding power sources have been designed to provide the additional “punch” required for welding at higher currents and duty cycles. Despite the high current and duty cycle, each set retains superb arc characteristics throughout its full range and delivers smooth welds in both dip and spray transfer. This is due to the high number of voltage settings and good arc control from the three choke settings.

All units can have meters fitted and come complete with bottle carrier and under carriage. Each power source is built to the traditional high quality standards of all Camarc Welding Equipment even though the prices remain extremely competitive. All welding transformers and chokes fitted to these machines are manufactured in the U.K. and are of a robust and proven design and are copper wound.

Package includes:

  • Camarc 410 Power Supply
  • Camarc 4 wheel drive wire feed
  • 5mtr interconnection cable
  • Binzel MB36 4mtr MIG Torch
  • 6mtr Weld Earth
  • Argon Regulator
  • Flowmeter

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